Providing Clean, Reliable and Affordable Wave Energy from the North Sea

Harnessing the last untapped renewable energy resource

Ocean waves represent our planet’s last untapped natural renewable energy resource. Over 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water and the potential to capture energy from the waves offers a vast and endless source for clean sustainable electricity. The Slow Mill, designed for the moderate wave climate of the North Sea, is equipped with many innovative features to economically harness short and irregular waves, including: 

  • a unique blade system;
  • strong, light and non corrosive materials; 
  • elimination of lateral stresses, snap loads and fatigue; 
  • hyper resonance;
  • wave attenuation and freak wave mitigation; 
  • wave dodging mechanism;
  • plug and play design; 
  • biodiversity enhancing anchors; 
  • flexible deployment; 
  • installation, operation and maintenance at sea level. 

These engineering features enable save and economic exploitation of existing ocean energy markets and new, hitherto non viable markets with moderate wave climates.

“I visited Den Helder (Kooyhaven) to launch Slow Mill. Slow Mill is unique and a very important addition to existing methods of generating sustainable electric power. That is why provincie Noord-Holland and Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland support this project.” 

Ilse Zaal, Gedeputeerde Noord Holland 

Wave Energy harvesting made simple and nature-friendly

See how easily the energy in the waves is captured and converted in electricity. It's also a nature-friendly solution that has proven to have beneficial impact on the sea life.