Wave Energy in the North Sea.

Texel Pilot

This summer the ffirst test are to start with the concrete anchor. At ca. 3-4 km off the coast of Texel a gravity anchor will be lowered to the sea floor and tests of stability, strength, biodiversity and handling will be performed. Important and innovative factors are the connection, installation and decommissioning without any large offshore equipment.

The ffirst scale model will be ca. 8m long, 10m deep, 2m diameter and generate about 30-100 kW in normal North Sea conditions. The tests will conducted off the coast of Texel, Ameland and possibly at Light Island Goeree, together with RWS. 

As soon as the scale model performs well, a full scale prototype will be build and connected to the high voltage grid of Texel. After that a small series can be build. The ffirst Dutch North Sea wave farm will be build off the coast of Texel to obtain clean energy without horizon pollution, protect the coast, increase biodiversity and explore other synergy advantages like mariculture, ffishing and tourism while reducing cost and emissions. About 60-80 units of 20m, stretched along 5-10% of the West Texel coastline, are needed to make Texel fully sustainable.