Wave Energy in the North Sea.


November 2018

Waddenfonds supports the Slow Mill Pilot Texel

 In a press release the Waddenfonds announced the approval of the Slow Mill Pilot Texel. A consortium of 6 partners, Slow Mill, Innoship, NIOZ, Deltares, Ingenieursbureau Rotterdam and Rotec applied for a grant to develop and install the ffirst Dutch wave energy prototype off the coast of Texel. Last year RWS and municipality Texel had MARIN, one of the worlds leading research institutes for hydrodynamic research, execute a series of validation tests on an early Slow Mill scale model with excellent results. Accordingly, it is expected that the prototype to be build in this Pilot will produce enough energy for ca. 100 family homes at Texel. Total cost for this 3 year R&D project are estimated at ca. 4 million and if everything works out well, a wave farm will be build along 10% of the Texel NZ coastline to ffill the entire Texel energy demand. 


The Anchor and floater will be installed in the month of December to be tested for stability during the storm season. 

Oktober 2018

Slow Mill anchor almost ffinished, news article in Texelse Courant

Juli 2018 

Start construction of the Slow Mill Anchor

Texel companies and municipality decide to start the Texel Project, anticipating a grant from the Waddenfonds